About the project

what we have done is a new great experience

The Comenius project “Magic Bricks For European Citizenship” (see te website) was started in septembrer 2013 and involves students from 10 to 19 of ten different european countries.

The partner schools’ students have various levels of language competence and backgrounds in practical art and craft activities, civics and social studies, group dynamic activities for younger ones which will help them to experience and better understand what it means to be a citizen of Europe.

The project develops different themes. Rights: through role play students become “actors”, know and experience the rights guaranteed to everyone moving and working in EU; Creativity: students produce wallpapers from ideas or results of the group dynamic activities; Participation: a laboratory of democracy articulated in “Education for Peace and Legality” with exchange of roles in conflict situations, reflection on advertising images with subliminal messages of violence and abuse; Diversity: “Short Stories”, various stories about the same context of art; Equality: Case Study: the right to education for detainees, reflection about the detainees’ dignity and their rehabilitation; Identity: each partner chooses “seven wonders” that identify its own country, and collects them in an Intercultural online Museum.

This last topic is the theme of the “Seven Wonders Virtual Museum”.

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